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Monday, May 6, 2013

Jack White-Love is Blindness

If you are anywhere near as hyped as I am for the release of the film "The Great Gatsby" this coming weekend you are damn hyped and have probably heard at least a bit of this song before.  I'm re-reading the book this week to prepare.   I had a listen to the soundtrack of the film and this song was the standout for me.  There is also a cool track from Lana del Rey worth listening to, "No Church in the Wild" which hasn't changed a bit from the last few hundred times you heard it and an atrocious Beyonce and Andre 3000 cover of "Back to Black" that must have Amy Winehouse turning in her grave.  This song may be a bit more intense then the melodies that usually grace our pages, but if you like movies or books and are the least bit interested, or just like the sound of Jack White doing a U2 cover, than this track will get you fuckin hyped.  Its precisely what Fitzgerald had in mind, but with a cooler guitar solo.
Listen after the jump, old sport.

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