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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Houndmouth EP

The "Houndmouth EP", which came out this past August, is the first taste we've gotten of this Louisville, Kentucky band. It's only four songs, but there is a ton of potential there. There are two lead singers, one male and one female, which makes for some awesome harmonies, over a sound that is reminiscent of The Band. I guess it's a pretty big deal for a band to be drawing that type of comparison so early in their careers, but it's definitely a valid one. Give it a listen above, and click the link for purchase information. You'll find that outside the UK, you'll have to buy a digital copy, because vinyls and CD's only ship inside the UK. Which sucks. And is a pretty poor reflection on us, as American music fans. Regardless, we've got some good sounds coming out of Louisville. Listen after the break.


  1. "Penitentiary" (which sounds a lot like Dylan's "Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)") can be freely downloaded, courtesy to the Music Alliance Pact (a bunch of musical blogs that publish a common playlist of hot new songs every 15 of the month). If interested, go and grab it here: here.

    1. Nice catch, I definitely can hear the Quinn the Eskimo sound in this song. And we have actually featured the Music alliance pact once before: