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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Feliz Cinco de Mayo- Stairway to Heaven y Diablo Rojo- Rodrigo y Gabriella

My background in Spanish culture is limited mostly to whatever I have learned in American public school Spanish classes from around 6th grade on.  So when it comes to Spanish music, I'm clueless to a great deal of it.  However, one group I found and loved were the Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriella.  They are both incredible guitarists with very different styles that happen to compliment each other perfectly.  Rodrigo is, in a sense the lead guitarist and he plucks out his melodies with feeling and often incredible speed.  Gabriella brings new meaning to the term dexterity as she is responsible for both the harmony and the rhythm, a task she accomplishes with some insane finger picking I cannot even hope to understand and also hitting the shit out of her guitar to create percussion.  The stairway to heaven cover is both a tribute to the bands roots (they met as members of a Mexican heavy metal band) and a gorgeous acoustic version of the song that starts faithful and builds to something that is very much their own.  The second song is said to be about a roller coaster and its sheer speed seems to prove this.  Give it a listen while your sucking down margaritas, coronas or whatever other way you are celebrating what is supposed to be a historic and reverential holiday.  ¡Empina el codo y escucha!
Escucha despues de saltar

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