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Monday, May 6, 2013

NEW SONG: Bugs Don't Buzz by Majical Cloudz

I think I like this song. It's certainly different. It's made up almost exclusively of piano and voice, with some haunting effects that I don't even know how to describe thrown in between. It's sorta like a slowed-down, more depressing version of M83's Splendor, with much more of an emphasis on vocals. The lyrics themselves straddle between a commentary on love and love songs in general, as well as a love song in of itself. He opens the song by singing, "The cheesiest songs always end in a smile, this won't end in a smile my love." So it's not cheery, by any means. Just want to warn you going into it. This single comes from Majical Clouz upcoming album, Impersonator, due out May 21st. Listen after the jump.

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