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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A lil Sunday Acoustic- Deep in an Ancient Hawaiian Forest by Makana

This is the first in a series we here at moist melodies are going to try to remember to do every Sunday for all those who may have been out having a good time last night and perhaps are not having as good a time this morning.  To help you ease into your Sunday morning we'll provide you with something nice and easy on the ears, a lil acoustic music to soothe whatevers ailing you, or perhaps to simply make your Sunday morning sunrise a little more pleasant.  To start off this series here is a very pretty acoustic guitar track from, well, from deep in an ancient Hawaiian forest I suppose.  If you're wondering where you may have heard the tune, it is featured in "The Descendants" a good but altogether depressing movie that came out a couple years ago that happens to have a great soundtrack full of cool Hawaiian tunes.  So kick back with whatever your hangover remedy of choice may be and have a listen.  We're here to help, we promise.  When it comes right down to it, we care about you.  Yes, you.  How many other music blogs have that kind of compassion.  Seriously, if we could rub your back and spoon feed you fruit loops we would.  We're that kind of music blog.
Listen after the step, but, you know, take it easy, no rush...

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