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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hey! If you're still up listen to these two songs!

Hey! You there up late living the life, out on the town or perhaps just chillin out laxin relaxin all cool.  Either way listen to these two songs:

This song is for those of you who still have miles to go before you sleep.  Try not to feel like the single biggest badass on the road bumping this about as loud as it will go on your imagined black Caddy's stereo. Call someone a "sucka" and refer to authority figures as "the man".  Also have a sultry lady in the passenger seat. Enjoy.

This next song is simply Johnny Coltrane making sweet love to your ears.  Don't even try to stop it. Apply once you've gotten in bed or collapsed onto what will be your bed tonight.

Now go to sleep sweet prince or princess. You've earned it.
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