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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MRAZ- by Flatbush Zombies

I love Flatbush Zombies. As Meech so accurately describes they are "Get M-E-T-H-O-D, Drought 3 Dwayne Carter, With a splash of Busta's craft and a hint of Big Papa. Little dash of Nasty Nas, top it off with Bob Marley, Throw em' all in a blender and I'm what the fuck you get". Much like their drinks mixed with LSD, Flatbush Zombies effortlessly blend the trippy rediculousness of Lil B on a lot more drugs with actual musicianship and great rap talent. Now ordinarily I can count the amount of swag i have, probably on one hand, yet with the Zombies bumpin, I'm swaggin down the street, thigh-slapper in my trousers, like Jay Z, or at least my white brains impression of Jay Z. This song is one of the more recent from Flatbush, and is also one of their best. The production value from Erick Arc Elliott is great, the lyrics are tight, the flows are original, the video is damn cool, and although singing the chorus would probably get me shot in Compton, it is damn catchy. Also, make sure you blast it as loud as you can around small children. Small children love Flatbush Zombies*.
MOISTNESS LEVEL: (Although I actually prefer Meech's verse...) JUICY 
Video and inside joke explanation after the vault. Also listen to another Flatbush classic RIGHT HERE.

(*Inside joke, I was blasting Flatbush Zombie's S.C.O.S.A around small children and got yelled at by my fellow editor who said the music was too scary)
P.S. is Thigh-Slapper hyphenated?

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  1. As the "fellow editor" I feel like I shouldn't have to defend myself for that. This song is not one that you should be playing for small children...