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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Awesome Songs That Sample Lazy Day by Spanky and Our Gang

"Lazy Day" is a classic, feel good song from 1967. Recorded by Spanky and Our Gang, a folk group from Illinois, it has become, in my mind, the quintessential sunny day song. It also happens to just be an awesome song. And you don't have to just take my word for it; it has been sampled in at least two awesome rap songs, and probably a bunch more that I haven't heard. I don't think it's any coincedence that the two songs of which I speak happen to be their respective artist's most popular song on Spotify. Masta Ace's "Take A Walk" actually touches on some deep shit. It takes us on a walk through the Brooklyn ghetto on a sunny day, with Ace commenting on the stuff that he sees. Expect a post soon on the full album, Disposable Arts, which is awesome from start to finish. Forgive us for being nine years late on that one. oops. The other song is "Low Class" by Anthm, off his much more recent EP, A Handful Of Dust. It came out in March of this year, and has not been getting the attention it deserves. Honestly, I'll probably put up a post on that full EP as well. But for now, check out these songs, because they're among the best out there for driving on a sunny summer day.
To start off, here's the original song, in case you haven't heard it. You probably have, although you may not have been able to place it.

This entire album happens to be available for free on ANTHM's Bandcamp page. So that's awesome. 

And last, but certainly not least, Masta Ace.

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