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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Danse Carribe by Andrew Bird

  Popular music has always been drawn to having a refrain, or a chorus; some familiar, repeated section of the song that you go back to after each verse, which is typically the part of the song that really draws a listener in. Andrew Bird is an example of an artist who isn't afraid to buck the tradition of the refrain, at least partially. In "Danse Carribe," we get a lot less repetition than you're going to hear on your local pop station. While he returns to a lyrical refrain, each time the musical accompaniment is slightly different. This song is made up of many distinct, interesting parts. What it lacks in a rousing, sing-a-long chorus, it makes up for with some undeniable musical coolness.
   I'm sure this is unnecessary  because MM readers aren't like the rest of the swarms of preteen music fans, but give this song a chance. It's not something that's going to jump out at you immediately. But if you can make it to the fiddle solo around the three minute mark (without skipping ahead!), I'm willing to put a Moist Melodies guarantee that you'll like it. You can take that to the bank. Just look at the picture up there, that guy is a boss. Listen after the break.

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