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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Same Song, Yet So Different

So, simply put, I found three versions of the same old folk standard, "I'll Fly Away".  The song was originally written in 1929 by a man named Albert E Brumley, and was published in Hartford, CT (860 Represent!) as a gospel tune.  It has since been recorded countless times by the likes of pretty much everyone from country artists such as Gillian Welch, who is featured here (again from the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, seriously, download it) jazz artists such as the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz band, and even Yeezy himself liked it enough to record a short version of it.  Listen to all three.  All are good, all are different and each has their own appeal.  Honestly there's doubtlessly countless other versions I could have also featured but, hey, I'm lazy.  If you find new versions that are adequately moist, send em!  Let us know which of these three you like best!  We love interaction.  It makes us feel like we matter. Well, that got weird and introspective, im going to go drink heavily, you guys listen to the songs after the triple jump (get it? Because there's three songs.)
Allison Krauss & Gillian Welch's Version:

Preservation Hall's Interpretation:

And Finally Kanye's

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