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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Junip- Line of Fire + In Every Direction

Junip is a very cool group we at MM stumbled across a couple days ago.  There are two songs here because you should listen to both of them as they are both very different but more importantly they are both very moist.  The first song, "Line of Fire" is about as epic as slightly trippy pop folk alternative whatever you want to call it gets. The song builds consistently from the keyboards first chord to its last, and that keyboard part is what won me over on the song.  The second song is more of a bumper, maybe roll down the windows and feel the cool winter breeze while you listen to it.  Or just listen to it while you're here, on your laptop.  Dont surf the world wide web while operating a motor vehicle kids, although I have heard that if you tell the police officer who pulled you over that you're surfing Moist melodies while driving, that he'll let you off with a smile and a wink.
moistmelodies assumes no blame if you are dumb enough to drive your car while on your computer, although we would appreciate the dedication.

Moistness levels: In the line of fire- Glistening, In every Direction- Chunky

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