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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cat Meat-Prosthetic Wing & Album Download

This song is from a band who had contacted us on Twitter and asked us to listen to their album.  Cat-Meat, who we now consider to be close personal friends of ours are a folky bluesish band out of London, England.  We did and we really liked it.  Its very bluesy with hints of country and folk.  Their music swaggars in the sense that it sways slowly and confidently through rich melodies which, in turn are ornamented with plucky banjos and guitars.  So as a lesson to all you young bands out there, contact us! We want to hear new, good, stuff, and if we like it, you could be so lucky as to have your bands name grace our established ranks here at MM.
MOISTNESS LEVEL: Wet and Grimy (in a good way)
Listen Here or Download their album free below:

Download their album for free (cheap):

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