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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Only Wake and Bake Playlist You'll Ever Need

I don't want to brag, but this playlist is kind of our expertise. You love to wake and bake. We love to wake and bake. But most importantly, we love the music we listen to during the wake and bake. Honestly, some of our best musical finds have come from seeking better wake and bake music, and it is as a result of those finds that we made Moist Melodies. For us, the morning sounds best with some light, happy folk music. The playlist is in no particular order, (I basically just went down my iTunes adding songs to the playlist), so I do recommend listening to the whole thing. It's pretty long, but there isn't a single song on this list that won't sound great this morning. Later in the day, we'll post a playlist for later tonight, for when you're getting ready to overdose on weed. OVERDOSE ON WEED. Happy toking oh moist ones. Listen after the break.

Moistness Level: Spilled the bong on the carpet


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