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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Stooges Brass Band- Stooges Party

So here's your semi-regular Friday song to turn up all the way and jam out to after your classes and or work are finished for the long weekend.  This weeks pick is an interesting one.  The Stooges Brass Band are exactly that.  A brass band.  But they rap, and sing, and do cool stuff that you may not expect from a brass band.  They're like the roots, if the roots were more big band influenced then rap influenced.  But unlike that group your high school band director shows you to try and convince you that the genre is still hip, this is actually cool.  Real cool.  Mix it into your party tonight, if you can get away with it.  Bring a smile to a band director somewheres face. Also if you want an explicit rap song sung by a brass band, check out "We make em say ooo" here

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