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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Album: "Fool Moon" by WIDOWER


     WIDOWER is a folk band out of Seattle, who, yesterday released their first album since 2008. Expectations for this album were high, as the lead single (which we actually posted about here) attracted a lot of positive reviews. I sat down today to listen to it, and loved it. It opened with a raucous rock song that took me by surprise, but ended up being one of my favorite tracks. Eventually, it does slow down a little bit, in the vein of "Oh Catherine, My Catherine," the album's much softer lead single.  This is another album that I'd love to get around to doing a full review of if I ever have time, but for now, my "review" will be that it's good, and that I think you will enjoy listening to it. A link to purchase/stream the album, or simply stream below.


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