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Friday, March 1, 2013

Selfless in a City by Hip Hatchet

   Something about waking up on a snowy morning lends itself to introspective, simple folk songs. Hip Hatchet seems to have mastered this genre of songwriting, blending beautiful lyrics with a unique singing voice, to create masterful works of musical poetry. The line that really hit home for me comes about halfway through the song, "I said I probably shouldn't drive/ but oh man, I've been feeling alone/ and a car wreck sounds all right." You can talk to me about "realness" all you want, but that shit has more feeling behind it than entire artists' discographies have combined.
   He's got a different sound from most in his genre, and for most people, you'll either love it, or not like it at all. If you do love it (which I'm fairly certain you will), I cannot give you enough encouragement to go buy his album. I went back and forth over which song of his to post for about twenty minutes, and to me, that is a true testament to his discography. Every song is better than the last one. And look at that fucking beard. If I was going to rank the beards of current musicians, I would absolutely put him in the top 5. Listen to "Selfless in a City" after the break.
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