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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spiritualized- Cool Waves

This is a very, you guessed it, cool song from a band that was featured on MM quite some time ago.  Its probably a good thing that I only came across this song today, as I would have probably replaced the song I used then with this one.  I came across this song while doing one of my favorite music listening activities, which I reccomend all of you try.  Especially if you are like me and prefer to download full albums rather than single songs, than there is probably a lot of music on your ipod, you are either completely unfamiliar with or at the very least foggy on.  Take your ipod and for a week or so just leave it on shuffle.  In theory you should like every song, but you might find something you either forgot about or just overlooked.  Its a fun little game and is the reason I, and now all of you get to hear this very cool, smooth, chorale drivin track from the slightly trippy, very chill band, Spiritualized.
Listen after the break:

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