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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey Rose by Houndmouth

Houndmouth are among my favorite bands that I've come across since the beginning of our little journey into blog-dom almost a year ago. It started with the Houndmouth EP way back in the beginning, which featured just four songs, but just eeked of potential. To absolutely nobody's surprise, the Louisville-ish (they started in Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, but are certainly a part of the well established folk scene in Louisville) band kicked ass and took names on their debut album. They made a name for themselves out on the concert/festival circuit, where according to anybody with functioning ears, they shredded. I can now confirm that fact, after seeing them in Columbus, OH last week, where what they played could be described in no other way than epic. Really one of the top live shows that this young listener has seen. With that said, I felt there was no reason not to post about them again, because there is no self-respecting music lover that shouldn't know about and love Houndmouth. Listen to "Hey Rose" after the break.
The only version available on Youtube is this live performance from inside some Chicago record store. The recording could be better, but you can obviously tell that this band is going places. I've also embedded the full album stream from Spotify. As if I haven't made it clear enough already, fucking listen to it all.

Also, interesting fact: the female singer is a BABE. Like, straight up marriage material. That is all. 

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