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Friday, November 9, 2012

Your weekly dose of screaming shirtless black guys

Every Friday afternoon, there is that one moment where you know the weekend has started. Obligations are over, and you are way too amped up to listen to normal person music. Sometimes, slow, meandering folk music just doesn't cut it. We are going to start a weekly feature, where we suggest songs to listen to at this glorious moment.
This week, DMX is here for you, to fill that void in your life. We're not in the business of telling you what to do, but here's what you should do tonight. When you're pouring that first shot, packing that first bowl, pulling out of the parking lot at work, whatever the case may be, play this song as LOUD AS YOU CAN. Speakers up as loud as you can. Pay no regard to the long term health of your eardrums. If your neighbors aren't knocking on your door by the end of the song, it wasn't loud enough.

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