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Friday, June 7, 2013

NEW ALBUM: From the Hills Below the City by Houndmouth

We're pretty big Houndmouth fans here at MM. They've got the perfect blend (in my opinion at least) between contemplative folk and a little more traditional rocking. From The Hills Below The City, is their first full-length album, which is a follow-up to their debut EP. This song features a re-working of several songs from that first release, which makes sense considering how great that first release was. This one does not disappoint as a follow-up, and frankly, they're rocketing up my favorite current bands list. The stand-out new track, if I had to pick just one, was "Long As You're At Home," which swings back and forth from a mournful, slow sound, to some hard-driving, face-melting guitar solos. I just listened to it three times in a row, and it's better each time. In terms of the repeated songs from their first EP, there is no staleness here. They re-worked their biggest hit, "Penitentiary," making it a little grungier in a welcome way. I can't recommend this album enough. You can stream it in full here (sorry that it's Conan. Can't stand that guy's face), and buy it here. After the break, check out a bad-ass live performance of the album's lead single, "On The Road."

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